Don Patton

American author of whom I know almost zero. He appears to have written just one book of the 'wild horse' ilk - Bunch Quitter. The rather strange sounding title (to British ears) is an American expression for someone (horse or human) who does not run with the crowd. Obviously thinking the title would seem too odd to British readers, when the book was published in the UK its title was completely changed to Brown Jug

Horse & Pony Books:

aka BROWN JUG (UK edition)
(1st UK edition ROUTLEDGE 1948)
Reprinted in hardback by Grosset & Dunlap in 1935.
Reprinted in hardback by Caxton in the 1940s.
The book was published in the UK by Routledge in 1948 when it was re-titled BROWN JUG. It did however keep the original illustrations.
SUMMARY: Wild horse story. Brown Jug is a 'bunch quitter' (the colloquial term for a wild horse which doesn't run with the herd). He is determined never to be caught by man until he is tamed by the half-Indian Narcisse.

Collector's Info:
Although not a particularly common title, it can be found without too much trouble in the USA. The British printing under the alternative title is also not too hard to find in the UK.